Cloud Hosting vs. Shared Web Hosting

The difference between shared and cloud hosting lies in how each is organized.

  • Shared hosting servers are servers with multiple websites on them.
  • Web hosting companies build and maintain these servers, and they place a bunch of websites on them.
  • This means if your website is hosted on a shared server, it’s vying for the same resources as many other websites.
  • Some companies pack a ton of websites onto each server, which can throttle your website’s speed and performance. It can also present some limitations in security.
  • Cloud hosting is a service that exists on multiple servers.
  • Instead of on one shared server, your site is hosted in the cloud.
  • This means the company can bounce your website hosting between servers as it adjusts to performance spikes and other stresses.
  • Cloud hosting is more dynamic than shared hosting, and this means it can perform better and be more secure than some shared hosting services.