How Email Server Works

How email server works
How email server works

Email communication is one of the important way of communication nowadays. All the business deals and people who are in remote locations use email communication to share their information. Online business chooses email
server on highly secured environment. As they have all their business deals and communication,choosing enterprise email server is suggested. There are many providers like provides enterprise email servers. These
are only for business mails. Mass/Marketting/Spam mails are strictly prohibited. Every one knows how to send emails which is very easy. But we will see how the emails work in the background.

6 Parts of Email Communication – email server

There are 6 major part involves in email communication.


Source Email User
Mail transfer agent


Mail transfer agent
Mail box
Mail Delivery Agent
Destination Email User

How email sent from source reaches destination via email server

1. The source email user will compose their email using any of their email client.
2. The source mail transfer agent will receives from the email client and analyse the receiver details and send it to the internet.
3. The destination mail transfer agent will receive the email which is sent by source.
4. The received email will be forwarded to the mail boxes.
5. Mail delivery agent will manage all the mail boxes in the receipient email server.
6. Finally destination email user will see their emails in their Inbox.

This is how the emails get send and receive in the internet. Email servers use SMTP and POP3/IMAP as their protocols to send and receive the mails.

SMTP – Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
POP3 – Post Office Protocol
IMAP – Internet Message Access Protocol

There are many email servers like exim, mail enable, postfix etc. Mostly linux dedicated server will use Exim as their email server and Windows dedicated server will use Mail enable.Email servers either can be in shared environment
or in dedicated environment. Small business clients will choose initially shared environment to send and receive for their business purpose. Since the communication will be less, it can be encouraged in shared environment. But
medium and large scale business will choose enterprise email server where they will have full control of their server. They can able to set their own rules using filters. Silicon House provides both shared and dedicated environment for
business critical mails.

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