How to Migrate Email accounts Using imapsync?


Imapsync is an IMAP transfer tool used for transferring mailboxes and emails from one IMAP server to another IMAP server , and in which emails use IMAP protocol.

Steps to follow to migrate email accounts using imapsync:

1) Install imapsysnc in the server
2) Note that both server’s hostname, username and password need to be known inorder to proceed for migration
3) Then prepare the migration command with below syntax

imapsync –host1 <Source Server> –user1 <Source Email ID> –passfile1 <Path of file which includes Password> –host2 <Destination Server> –user2 <Destination Email ID> –passfile2 <Path of file which includes Password>

4) Prepare the command according to your hostname,username and password and also Store the Source Email ID’s password on file “/root/sourcepasswd” and Destination Email ID’s password on file “/root/destinationpasswd“.
5) Then put the command line in destination or source server which have imapsync tool.
6) After completion of the executed command , emails in the source server will be copied to destination server.

By this we you can migrate your email accounts by using imapsync tool.

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