How to set Catch all Email Address ?

Catch all Email Address will help to minimize the amount of lost email messages due to misspelled recipient email addresses

Note that if we set mail ID as catch all email address , then the option allows for that mailbox to catch all email messages sent to non-existing addresses that contain the domain name in their syntax.

For example, if you set up your mailbox to be a catch-all one, then any email sent to i.e. any mailbox that has not been created for this domain , will be forwarded to

Steps to follow:

1) Login to cpanel of the domain
2) Under Email option , select ‘Default address’
3) Then enable the option “Forward to Email Address”
4) After that enter the mail ID , to which all the mails has to received
5) Then click change .

These type of custom settings, you can able to set in the dedicated server in which Silicon house provides you more offers.

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