How to Stop Spam Email

The best anti-spam measure is to be a bit savvy about the way you use your email account!

  • Try to avoid opening spam emails and clicking on links in spam messages.
  • Don’t buy anything from a spammer. Not only do you risk comprising your security and infecting your computer with malware – viruses and so on – you also reward and encourage the spammers.
  • Don’t be tempted to reply. The mailbox is probably unread.
  • Don’t threaten the spammer. Some mails will be seen and spammers have rights too. Threatening messages could expose you to legal action.
  • Avoid ‘unsubscribe’ options. Cynically, spammers often include an ‘unsubscribe’ link. Far from removing the menace, clicking it will confirm that your address is active and probably attract even more spam.
  • Use a disposable email address. You could use this account especially for buying online or writing to newsgroups. If you find that you are getting a lot of spam at this address, you can simply delete it and set up another.
  • Be wary about giving out your main email address. If in doubt, it is a good idea to use a disposable address (see above).
  • Never reveal your email address on your website. If you have a website, putting your email address on it will be easy fodder for a ‘spambot’ that is harvesting addresses. You could use a web contact form instead.
  • Munging. A simple but effective technique where you present your address in a way that people can easily work out but which will fool spambots. They will look for a pattern, such as Writing the address as ‘a at b dot com’ would probably evade them.

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