To Scan to Email:

1. Make sure your printer is connected to a network that has access to the Internet.

*For help connecting to a network, see Chapter 2 of the Extended User Guide for your printer.

2. Create a profile for Scan to Email:

*Open the Online Printer Management Tool. See What is the Online Printer Management Tool and how to access it?

* Select the Settings tab, then click Scan To Email > Email Profile.

* Click Add New Outgoing Email Profile.

*Follow the instruction to create a profile.

*Click Scan To Email > Address Book.

*Follow the instructions to add recipients you want the scanned file to be sent to.

3. Start the scan from your printer:

*Place the document or picture on the scanner glass.

*Press Scan.

*Select Scan to Email.

*Press OK.

*Select outgoing email profile, then press OK.

*Select the email address you want to send to.

*Press START.

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