How to install Mail Enable in windows 2012 dedicated server

How to install mail enable in windows dedicated server
How to install mail enable in windows dedicated server

Siliconhouse hosting provider provides mail enable as mail server in windows dedicated server and shared reseller hosting server.

Mail enable is one of mail server which can be installed in windows dedicated server. It can be used to
send and receive emails using smtp/pop3 protocols.

Fully managed dedicated server hosting providers like provides mail enable server installed during the prehardening itself. So if you have unmanaged server you can use the below procedure to install the mail enable in your windows dedicated server.

Mail Enable Installation

In order to install you must have administrative permission of the server.

1. Download the free edition of mail enable from their site
2. Run the installation exe by double clicking on it.
3. Installation program will have very simple steps to enter the data and moving to next step using ok or next button.
4. Once you start the installation, installation note will appear. It is to just inform that it will try to access the internet once installation is completed, read the notes and click on ok.
5. Welcome screen will appear to inform that you are installing its messaging services. It also provides copyright protection of the product.
6. Next registration details about mail enable will appear. It will have name and the company name.
7. After clicking the registration details you will see terms and conditions acceptance.
8. You should carefully read and accept the terms and conditions.
9. Now choose the mail enable program installation directory.
10. Next is to select program group where your icons and shortcuts will be installed.
11. Select the repository where its configuration and messaging data should be installed. By default it will be installed under program files directory.
12.Set up will prompt to create atleast one post office to deliver mail to and from.
13. The installation will now prompt to enter specfic details for its SMTP connector.
14. Confirm the installation wizard to complete the installation.
15. Finally to view the readme file.

By using these 15 simple steps you can able to install mail enable mail server on your own.Once it is installed it is advised to restart the machine to complete the installation.

There are many providers who install this mail server from their end.

So choosing such fully manged dedicated server providers like siliconhouse will save you time and effort. Because they have highly qualified technicians who can install and configure it for you.

Other edition in mail enable.

1.Standard Edition (FREE)

2.Professional Edition for advanced users

3.Enterprise Edition for corporations

4.Enterprise Premium the complete package

Based on the requirement the editions of mail enable can be chosen and installed in the dedicated server.

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