How to Protect Your Email Account from Hackers

How to Protect Your Email Account from Hackers
How to Protect Your Email Account from Hackers
1. Email Address:
Have a complicated email address, not so you will forget it, but so no one else can guess it through your name (it should contain a number – for example,
2. Use different accounts:
If you have different email accounts for different purposes the risk is spread.For instance, you can have an account dedicated to online shopping and one for personal use.
3. Change Your Passwords:
It’s best to change your password every few months. You should never give your password out to anyone and if you really have to give it out, change it as soon as possible.
4. Updated anti-virus and anti-malware software:
You need to have an updated version (or two) of the latest anti-virus and anti-spyware programs. There are free ones like AVG or paid ones like Norton. I also use Malwarebytes to scan for things that anti-virus programs miss. Get one and update it automatically.
5.Don’t use public free WiFi:
Public Wi-Fi is often insecure and easy for hackers to access. As such avoid accessing your email account over public Wi-Fi networks.
6. Don’t click links in emails:
Even if you think the email looks official, it’s a good idea to avoid clicking any links in emails that you aren’t expecting.
Enterprise email servers are available from hosting companies like SiliconHouse. This gives good security and protection.

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